Cracking Coonawarra – 6 Pack


Some of the best of Coonawarra. These wines are definitely made for enjoying with a tasty feast and fine friends.

  • 1x Wynns Coonawarra – John Riddoch (Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • 1x Rymill Coonawarra – The Surveyor (Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • 1x Katnook Estate – Caledonian (Cabernet, Shiraz)
  • 1x Majella Wines – The Malleea (Cabernet, Shiraz)
  • 1x Parker Estate – First Growth (Cabernet, Merlot and/or Petit Verdot)
  • 1x Raidis Estate – The Trip (Cabernet blend)
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Wynns Coonawarra – John Riddoch (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Wynns Coonawarra Estate has built a reputation as the Coonawarra region’s pre-eminent wine producer with head winemaker Sue Hodder. First made in 1982, the John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon was conceived as a flagship wine for Wynns.

Rymill Coonawarra – The Surveyor (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Founded by my father Peter in 1974 – Rymill is continuing to create classic Coonawarra drops. The Surveyor pays homage to my great grandfather John Riddoch Rymill, who led the British Graham Land Expedition to Antarctica in 1934-37, where he discovered and surveyed the Antarctic Peninsula. A top drop.

Katnook Estate – Caledonian (Cabernet, Shiraz)

The Katnook winery started its life as John Riddoch’s woolshed. Coonawarra’s first vintages were made here, with the nearby nursery providing cuttings to start many Coonawarra vineyards. Katnook continues to make excellent wine. This Cabernet Shiraz blend is a wonderful example.

Majella Wines – The Malleea (Cabernet, Shiraz)

The Lynn family have been residents of the Penola – Coonawarra district for five generations, starting off as blacksmiths, wheelwrights, storekeepers and finally, graziers. The Malleea is their flagship wine, a Cabernet Shiraz blend with the flavour and structure to cellar for decades.

Parker Estate – First Growth (Cabernet, Merlot and/or Petit Verdot)

Since the release of the inaugural 1988 vintage, First Growth has set Parker’s benchmark for superior wine quality in the Coonawarra region. It is a wine made without compromise, using only the very best viticulture and winemaking practices, and is only produced when a particular vintage shows exceptional fruit quality and is deemed to have ageing potential for a minimum of fifteen years. As a result it has garnered a reputation for outstanding cellaring ability and is one of the few wines to have featured in every Langton’s classification.

Raidis Estate – The Trip (Cabernet blend)

The Raidis family might be unknown to you, if you haven’t been to Coonawarra. However if you have visited, you may have been lucky enough to join in one of their charcoal grills. If you’re really lucky, Chris may have taken you on a tour of his favourite things, and made you a Greek coffee. Small batches of either classic or experimental wines make it to the Raidis bottle. This is the Trip, their most cracking Cabernet.


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